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blue sabbath black fiji mp3s
purple deevils
black rice
ejaculation ejaculation
with helicoptère sanglante

upside down chronological order

blue sabbath black fiji The Night Hawk (demoversion) cdr
blue sabbath black fiji Wankers (demo) cdr
blue sabbath black fiji Telefonplan/Lazer Saber book/cdr
blue sabbath black fiji Roost of Evil cdr
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji w/ Helicoptère Sanglante 2 cdr
Blue Sabbath Black Fiji w/ Helicoptère Sanglante 1 cdr
Zaraz Wam Zagram featuring philémon cdr
blue sabbath black fiji 93 cdr
blue sabbath black fiji hannoverian war cants cdr
blue sabbath black fiji purple deevils cdr
u.n.d.o recorded 4+5 september 06 cdr
super räusch from the crates ruby shall be redder then a red rose cdr
blue sabbath black fiji blue sabbath black fiji cdr
ballrooms of mars king alligator surge cdr
super räusch from the crates bodyssattva (cover by zeloot) cdr
super räusch from the crates teenage wildlife (cover by janin benecke) cdr
v.a compilation rain drops acid– (w/undo, gena vase, ballrooms of mars, janin benecke, super räusch from the crates and cover drawing by mathieu levet) cdr
janin benecke/super räusch from the crates world’s biggest nuclear building spree cdr
blue sabbath black fiji terraplane–recorded 4/03/06 at home cdr
ballrooms of mars drama cdr
v.a compilation circus haldol (w/super räusch from the crates, wild pigs from the crates, romuald fogolin+olivier gioan, mime s. lalie, melanocetus..and coverpainting from christof mascher) cdr
mime s. lalie cèdre (cover picture by mathieu saura) cdr
mime s. lalie dievotchka cdr


layers and doodles

past dates
blue sabbath black fiji and related
weird chronological order/

28/03/08 hand clapping girls fest w/motherfucking, rubiks clermont-ferrand
29/03/08 at galerie pache w/ ero babaa paris
01/04/08 la miroiterie w/sophie aubrac, super ss Paris
02/04/08 chez leoz, ben’s birthday party, w/ zaraz wam zagram, brian baxter, matthieu levet, fred nipi, duncan pinhas Paris
06/04/08 jeune fille orrible, dimanches de l impro a la guillotine paris montreuil
11/04/08 xm24 w/golden cup ,with duncan pinhas & belzebu katmandu bologna
16/04/08 at boldu ,with duncan pinhas & belzebu katmandu venezia
17/04/08 w/barbez ,with duncan pinhas & belzebu katmandu lugo
19/04/08 centro stabile di cultura ,with duncan pinhas & belzebu katmandu vicenza
20/04/08 teatro rasi ,with duncan pinhas & belzebu katmandu ravenna


16/02/08 w/ lapin machin and more at la generale en manufacture paris sevres
11/01/08 erik & noür s birthday party!!! paris sevres
18/12/07 —_—coordination des intermittents et précaires d’île de france_—_—_ de 20h30 à ± 0h00 (!!!)• — jeune fille orrible avec également Z-Control et Les Vraoums + invité sur^rise Paris19
13/10/07 19h! @ La Générale en Manufacture, 6, grande rue, Sèvres, M° Pont de Sèvres, lives w/ MINITEL, PORT RADIUM, BLUE SABBATH BLACK FIJI, MINIFER Paris
22/10/07 w/ white mice, ovo @rote flora (cancelled) Hamburg
23/10/07 WHITE MICE, DJ SCOTCH EGG, BLUE SABBATH BLACK FIJI, SHAWN GREENLEE aka PLEASUREHORSE @ K:ita – Doors: 9.30PM Weidenweg str. 46/Bersarinplatz – nr Frankfurter Tor Berlin – Friedrichshain – Doors: 9.30PM Berlin
27/10/07 twisted knister festival spedition, am güterbahnhof, w/the vanishing voice, unchained, sudden infant, floating di morel, black to comm, buckettovsissors, v.b. schulzes bernsteinzimmer Bremen
29/10/07 @a-z mülheim, auerstr.51, 45468 mülheim an der ruhr w/ Vanishing Voice + Unchained Mülheim
1/11/07 w/ Vanishing Voice + Unchained + Axis Mundi + Dead Seagull at OCCII Amsterdam
3/11/07 w/Benjamin Franklin, Dolphins into the future, Neon tempal infinite light, Abraham et le prince noir, Julia Vorontsova, Meldy and Steffan, Nawadaha, Yannick Franck, Craig Hilton @the student, 76 rue des palais,Schaerbeek(next to place Liedts),start 5PM sharp.
(festival cancelled)
8/12/07 @la générale en manufacture w/projections de Nicolas Boone, Erik Minkkinen, Manon, 20h-all night, participation libre. Paris
17/07/07 at miroiterie w/ wolf eyes, arschgeil, evil moisture, bsbf & helicoptère sanglante paris
28/07/07 @ Gambetta, 104 rue de Bagnolet, paris 20,
avec 2 membres de La Grande Triple Alliance Internationnale de L’Est: a.h.kraken et 20 000 punks
29/07/07 placard x.23:30 (CEST) .Noux Mobaxak. – .Jesus Is the Only Time Traveller. – (+)
– .a reallyrilly sweet movie. first screening.. live soundtrack bsbf
28/07/07 placard x.05:30 (CEST) .blue sabbath black fiji. – .xxvvvx. – (+) paris
29/07/07 placard x.01:30 (CEST) .blue sabbath black fiji. – .blown by the wind. – (+)
– .young people blown by the wind.
29/07/07 placard x.10:00 (CEST) .Institut Ardonnais des Hautes Etudes de Poésie Révolutionnaire. – .rock it frère charles, rock it. – (+)
– .la messe selon Ricky Banlieue (liturgie traditionnelle).
29/07/07 placard x.11:00 (CEST) .DRACULAË MY ASS ?!. – .VOVO X O X ARE. – (+)
– .”NOISE”.
29/07/07 placard x.23:30 (CEST) .doudeledidi doudeledou. – .overspill / oyster. – (+)
– .early psychedelics.
30/07/07 placard x.02:30 (CEST) .time of a chinese dentist. – ?x?X paris
3/08/07 : nackt insecten + usurper + andy bolus + bsbf & helicoptère sanglante @miroiterie (88 rue menilmontant, paris 20) + d’infos paris
25/08/07 ROWF! ROWF! ROWF! 3
myspace.com/goldenlabrecords stuart smear campaign ,Blue Sabbath Black Fiji,Ford Maddox Brown,John Clyde-Evans,EYE HAI,Serfs,Chora,Ashtray Navigations,PRE,HEALTH,Gnod,Fonik, Action Beat,Towering Breaker,Stuckometer,Agripon,Poltergroom,I’m Being Good,One Ensembl,David Thomas B
26/08/07 , Henry’s Cellar Bar
28/08/07 at THE CHILLINGHAM on Chillingham Road in Heaton Newcastle
29/08/07 @utrophia project space
w/ a middle sex, el-g & dunkan, and guanoman
30/08/07 downstairs at zuma with élg&dunkan + king alfred 3¤ 8:30pm Brighton
1/09/07 at The Furniture Makers with Ben Nash / Sophie Cooper duo Sheffield
2/09/07 13th note! w/ Noma, Nackt Insecten, Single Helix Glasgow
6/09/07 Barden’s Boudoir
w/ John Wiese, Birds of Delay, Lamborghini Crystal
8/09/07 Klub Argot w/Shiu-Yeung Hui, Hellbridges pastaklub at Lygten Station Copenhagen
10/09/07 , Sweden Koloni w/Isak Eldh + Nina De Heney+ Fm3 (China) + Magnus Haglund, at Rex Gothenburg
22/09/07 the big zxzw festival zxzw.nl
w/ amongst others: minitel, psychic tv, rhys chatam, sudden infant, ovo, shit and shine, meldy peaches, monno, locust, moha!, family battle snake, negativland, haters, jim morrisons, ..
tilburg (nl)
freitag 18. mai 07 silly art fick 17! the assdroids, iron bitchface, bruno & michel are smiling + skipperrr, pit noack, jimma’s hiccup, blue sabbath black fiji, ol schmidt experience :: klohaus an der friedhofsmauer, limmerstr. 115 (hinter dem fzh linden) hannover
monday 21stmay07 live at pit s place w/ eric boros and?:: sofa, evening concert on limmer str. hannover
10th of march07 at noür’s place, w/Monstre Mash and space is the place’ projection paris
11th of march07 @ l’écurie w/little howlin’ wolf, zaraz wam zagram, r.o.t., dinosaur with horns bruxelles
16/03/07 , infinite album with blue sabbath black fiji within, english theatre private party and poetry cambridge
17/03/07 , The Cube w/ Eftus Spectun / Honey Ride Me a Goat / The Dagger Brothers Bristol
23/03/07 Blue Sabbath Black Fiji & Terminal Outputs Live at The Cowley Club London Road 8 pm Brighton
28/03/07 , w/ James Blackshaw,Aum Sahib,Lumps at Horse and Groom,8pm, four pounds London
30/03/07 w/Black Diamond Heavies,A Middle Sex,Barbarians Nottingham
31/03/07 w/Grabba Grabba tape, Burnst at Fuel in Withington Manchester
01/04/07 at sophie’s place (windsor castle) w/Cooper Jones Nichols Manchester
05/04 /07 at some pool bar/conference room w/ like akind of matador Manchester
06/04/07 w/will guthrie, inecto school @The Common Place, 9pm Leeds
07/04/07 ,germany,Silke Ap,SillyArtFick event w/ ill ease, bagio Hannover
11/04/07 @golden pudel (live)(MINITEL:cancelled)+BLUE BLACK SABBATH FIJI(dj)BOOTY CARRELL Hamburg
12/04/07 , bsbf+(minitel: cancelled)olivier di placido ? at zentrale rendlague Berlin
sunday 11th of febuary 2007 late afternoon festival @la générale 10 rue du general lasalle:::::MAGNETIC MEMORY – PUSSY PATROL – CLUB DES CHATS – BLUE SABBATH BLACK FIJI – UNDO – CHEVEU – Damien SCHULTZ – NIPI – TOURETTE paris
22.01.07 Live at de living, , blue sab, stellar, riff drivel, datayard, astart, zeloot expo tienen
18.01.07 Clouds 4 Bro Mars @zorba-en-bas BlueSab, FrédéricDanos, Stellar, Jeanne&Juliette, Gaseous Phalleous paris
11/01/07 bsbsf is part of répétition that is itself part of l’iceberg by &nbsp, a collection of happenenees at palais de tokyo, paris
7/12/06 :: @fuckinmiroiterie :: u.n.d.o + rinus +ZwZ +blue$abbathbf paris
17novembre06 blue sabbath black fiji w/mudboy+andybolus dj+strom varx@la miroiterie 88rue menilmontant paris
11/11/06 bsbf huishoodschool.tk w/mudboy den haag
2/10/06 point fmr (+projection len lye colour box) w/ sister iodine paris
4/10/06 l embobineuse w/ sister iodine marseille
7/10/06 grndzero (w/fish and sheep+mvee & the bummer road) w/ sister iodine lyon
22octobre06 blue sabbath black fiji++ w/monno, tomoko sauvage at la générale, 10 rue du generale lasalle paris belleville,, starts 8pm participation libre paris
9oktober06 blue sabbath black fiji ::acoustik show:: monday at Pit Noack’s living, Limmer Str 92 where the bar Debakel is, ring downstairs somebody will open you and 6pm and bring yr drinks! hannover
monday 2 october06 blue sabbath black fiji ::::: Sanderstr. 4 Eg links, U8 Schönleinstr, starts in the evening, free, www.lepetitmignon.de w/koroshiya _berlin
friday 29 september06 blue sabbath black fiji ::: kastanienallee 77, prenzlauer berg (lichtblick kino) w/ MAGIC IS KUNTMASTER , starts 21:45, free, www.salonbruit.blogspot.com _berlin
sunday 24september06 blue sabbath balk fiji –Alte Buchbinderei ladet ein – Early Show: 16 Uhr!!! PACORIG / VANZAN duo _berlin
15august06 blue sabbath black fiji miroiterie happeneenee (w/ hendrik hegray, monopolka) paris
6august06 bsbf at le placard headphones festival paris
31stjuly06 blue sabbath black fiji at la miroiterie (w/hair police, evil moisture, tourettes) paris
7/7/6 blue sabbath black fiji (aka)terraplane and carrotplane (puke fühlt sich gut an zwischen deinen zehen, silly art fick- festival, goldener salon bei chez heinz, ) (with monno, buttfuck pussy,..) hannover
4/3/6 blue sabbath black fiji (aka terraplane) at la guillotine 24, rue Robespierre (montreuil), festival de l’impro2 15h30 et 5€ paris
21/6/6 halfbroken carrotplane w/ olivier nourisson at le carosse 14-16 rue du capitaine marchall 75020 +super-dj-räusch around 21h paris
5/6/6 terraplane w/wormland at la generale dernier salon paris
27/05/06 super räusch ftc at ugglan (40kr) (w/ bj nilsen) stockholm
10/05/06 super räusch at le zorba paris
6-04-06 super räusch from the crates plays heavy guitar at la générale , 10rue du generale lassale belleville, , 21h paris
8/04/06 super räusch from the crates at la miroiterie (w/ tuto fuzzi, lsd mossel) paris
xx/04/06 tutofuzzi tour !!!!! euros
18-03-06 terraplane–la miroiterie 88 rue menilmontant 20eme paris
5-03-06 terraplane–le salon 5-6 a la generale, 10rue du generale lassale belleville paris

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